Values and philosophy

  1. Each student is considered to be unique and gifted.
  2. The student is the core of our teaching and learning process (as our methods of teaching are student centered).
  3. Respect and cooperation between students and teachers are important throughout education.
  4. All our students are encouraged to achieve their highest potential.
  5. We promote multicultural understanding and acceptance of others’ differences (ideas, customs, religions, etc).
  6. We empower our students to bring a positive contribution to our community as well as to become responsible global citizens.
  7. We foster our students to be life-long learners.
  8. We instill in our students self-confidence, compassion and integrity.
  9. We develop in our students critical thinking and creativity skills and guide them to take the best decisions regarding their future carriers.
  10. We are striving to always keep up with the on-going methods and techniques to improve our selves as educators and as school.