Admission conditions for new students

Admission conditions for new students

Student’s parent/guardian should fill in the school application form. The priority is given to families with siblings already registered in our school.

Nursery and Kindergarten: For Nursery children must be three years old by 15th September of the year of entry. KG1 children must be four years old by 15th September of the year of entry. KG2 children must be five years old by 15th September of the year of entry.

Grade 1 till 5: To be enrolled in Grade 1, the child must be six years old by 15th September of the year of entry and should have attended at least one year of Kindergarten. The similar pattern will be followed for our other Primary Years, such that enrolling in Grade 5 will be allowed for children who are ten years old by 15th September of the year of entry.

Secondary and High School: Students are eligible to enter the first year of Secondary, Grade 6, after completing a five years of primary education. Children must be 11 years old by 15th September of the year of entry. The Grade 10 entry will be open to student aged 15 by the 15th September of the year of entry.

Transferring from another school

The previous school records and recommendation form should be hand in at registration to BBIS.  Any additional information that can help student’s assignment to the appropriate class must be also handed in.

Registration File and Supporting Documentation

An application form must be filled in by the parent or guardian of the child.

The documents requested when first applying to BBIS:

  • Student’s proof of age (copy of birth certificate, passport or visa)
  • Four passport size photos of the student
  • Copies of parents or guardians ID cards or passports
  • Copy of previous school records , if applicable
  • Medical certificate on student’s state of health from the family doctor
  • Copy of vaccination file
  • Entrance Assessment Test – for students applying for Grades 2 to 12Students should take an Entrance Assessment Test in English and Mathematics according to the academic years they are to enroll. A level exam for the second language should also be taken.

The results of the tests and the previous school reports will be looked into/analyzed and a decision concerning the approval of the student’s enrollment will be made accordingly.

Entrance exam grades according to the academic year:

Grades                                                English                                                Maths Skills                           

2 – 5                                                         at least 4/7                                              at least 4/7

6– 9                                                          at least 12/20                                         at least 12/20

10 – 12                                                      at least 14/20                                         at least 14/20

Registration Fee

To formally begin the registration procedure, the parents/guardians should pay the registration fee of 500 euro (non-refundable payment).

School Fees

Once the registration file is approved, the school fees will be paid according to the payment plan chosen by parents. The tuition fee includes also the books, compiled books, practice books and the uniform (polos, t-shirts, cardigan and tracksuit).

Tuition Rates and Fees
Pre-K and Kindergarten ~ 3200 €

Grades 1-5 ~ 3700 €

Grades 6-10 ~ 4100 €

Grades 11-12 ~ 4700 €

Diploma Programme 11-12 ~ 8000 €

One Payment Plan Two Payment Plan Monthly Payment Plan
If paid in full by July 31st, 2018   15% off Tuition Two payments made before 31st October 2018  and 31st March 2019 Standard monthly payment before April 1st, 2019.

Re-Enrollment for BBIS students

The Re-Enrollment intention form should be completed and handed in by 5th June of for the current school year. Each student has to pay in advance 10% of Tuition Fee by 15th July of for the current school year to ensure the child’s enrollment in the next academic year.

Acceptance of enrollment constitutes an agreement to pay the full academic year’s account. Transcripts and reports cards will be withheld until all unpaid tuition fees are received.