Admission conditions and fees

For any other details, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following numbers:, 0744.309.199 or 031.438.15.72

Admission conditions

1. Student’s parent/guardian should fill in the school application form;
2. Student’s parent/guardian should hand out to the secretary the previous school records;
3. Student’s parent/guardian should bring a medical certificate on student’s state of health;
4. Student’s parent/guardian should bring her/his child’s recommendation form from the previous school;
5. Student’s parent/guardian should bring 4 passport size photos of his/her child;
6. Student’s parent/guardian should pay the registration fee = Euro 150 which is non-refundable;
7. Students should take an entrance test in English, Maths, Arabic or Romanian according to the academic years they are to enroll.

The results of the tests and the previous school reports will be looked into/analyzed and a decision concerning the approval of the student’s enrollment will be made accordingly.

Entrance exam grades according to the academic year:

Grades English Maths Arabic/Romanian
2 – 6 at least 12/20 at least 12/20 at least 12/20
7 – 9 at least 14/20 at least 14/20 at least 14/20
10 – 12 at least 14/20 at least 14/20 at least 14/20

Dear parents,

Fee of enrollment, paid once (not to be returned):

300 euro: Kindergarten to grade 8
500 euro: grade 9 to grade 12

The fees for academic year 2017-2018 :

Fees :

– Kindergarten: 3000 euro
– Grades 1-5: 3500 euro
– Grades 6-8: 3900 euro
– Grades 9-10: 4000 euro
– Grade 9 BREVET : 4300 euro
– Grade 11-12 : 4500 euro
– Diploma IB : 8000 euro

SUMMER  OFFER,  except  IB fees :

– There is a 15 % discount for students who pay the school fees integrally by 31.07.2017
– Each student who pays 500 euro in advance by 31.07.2017 benefits from only a 5 % discount.

Starting 1st of August the summer offer will not be available.

1. Payment modalities:

a) 700 euro for each student should be paid till 1/09/2017
b) half  of the school fees should be paid till 30/10/2017

If the payment is not done on time there will be a penalty of 0.5% per day of the total fees that should be paid.

c) during the period 1.02-15.03.2019 the unpaid fees should be paid by all means

The same payment conditions are to be applied for the students who paid some of the fees in advance in summer.

2. The payment can be done monthly at a fixed date till 15.03.2018

For more details: Phone: 021 255 50 75, 0744 309 199 or 031 438 15 72

E-mail :

Required Documents for School Enrollment

To register your child in school, you must have the following documents:

  1. 4 recent passport sized photos
  2. Copy of birth certificate
  3. Copy of identity card or passport of the parents
  4. Medical certificate
  5. Previous school records
  6. Document indicating the behavior in the previous school
  7. Registration form